About Anthony Bray-Heta

Anthony Bray-Heta Jewellery Artist. A fusion of Maori art, Celtic and Contemporary designs. Carving in rare exotic bone mediums, castings in gold and sterling silver..... Shamanism, myths, divination and storytelling have for tens of centuries been a cultural expression for tribal men. From scapulimancy in China to the whale teeth carving of the South Pacific nations, many cultures carved the uniqueness of their history onto their animal bones. Anthony Bray-Heta is a New Zealand bone carver/jeweller who was for several years apprenticed to well known New Zealand Master Carver Alan Nopera. The majority of Anthony's sculptures are designed to be worn as a talisman- to magnify strength, personal power and flow. Many designs encapsulate Celtic weaves or strength of mythical dragons, the majestic of migrating whales, the potency of shamanic divination.


Anthony Bray-Heta

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